How to get VCCLHosting's Free SSL Certificate?

How to get VCCLHosting's Free SSL Certificate? Tuesday, March 5, 2019

An SSL Certificate is a block of code on a web server that will provide security for communications online. When a browser makes contact with a secure web site, the SSL certificate will enable an encrypted (secure) connection. It is like sealing a package before putting it in the mail.

SSL certificates bring trust because each of them will contain identification information—when an SSL certificate is requested, a third party will verify the information of the organisation and will then issue a unique certificate to the user with that information. This is called the authentication process, and chances are, you have encountered an error message that included the phrase. SSL has many benefits in case of SEO as well. It helps to :-

Provides Security and Privacy

Switching over to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) increases your website’s security and overall ranking in several ways. By encrypting all communication and protecting personally identifiable information like credit card numbers and passwords, HTTPS prevents third parties from accessing important customer information.

Boosts Traffic

Since users are likely to access secure domains, switching over to HTTPS can increase your website’s conversion rates. Obtaining SSL certificates adds credibility to a website. Google marks websites with only HTTP as “unsecured,” which pushes them further down the search engine results page.

Improves Search Engine Ranking

Google has publicly announced that HTTPS sites will enjoy a better ranking than unsecured domains. Google’s search engine now prefers websites that are trusted and certified because they are reliable in the eyes of the user.

To boost your search engine ranking in 2019, you will need to obtain an SSL certificate and switch from HTTP to HTTPS. Along with providing SEO benefits, the SSL certificate also builds customer trust and leads to increased traffic and sales. 


VCCLHosting's Free SSL comes with following features

Validation Type:












Site Seal:



Server Licensing:



Site Seal Included

Rapid Site Seal




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