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Location 1
Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

This datacenter is equipped with high connectivity, an excellent technical team, and latest hardware. Assures 99.9% Uptime.

Location 2
United States of America

Launching Soon

Location 3

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The main components of our data center

The design and purpose of our Data center include switches, firewalls, routers, servers, storage systems, and application delivery controllers. As the data centers are designed in such a way that they maintain the critical security of the data center.

Storage infrastructure

our high-performance SSDs for free. SSD storage is 20X faster than traditional HDDs and is less prone to failure as there are no moving parts. VCCLHosting was one of the first providers to switch to full SSD storage in all of our web hosting plans. Many Turbo hosting plans come with NVMe drives which are 3x faster than standard SSD drives.

Data Center Cooling System

VCCL has ideal Data centre cooling system and components to maintain right temperature.

We keep the provision to maintain ideal cooling temperature 24/365 days and it halt overheating of servers and other network components. We have special heat transfer components to ensure ability to maintain recommended cooling conditions according to global standards.

We follows the recommendations of The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) for data center cooling environment. According to ASHRAE, servers temperature should be in 18 to 27 degree C with corresponding humidity should be 20 to 80 %.

We keep colder everything on safe side to mitigate risk of overheating. We have data center staff with special training. Our trained staff is always ready to solve any issue occur in hardware component and network connection to up server all the time.

We implement reliable and optimized solution for our data center with row and rack cooling system. Our ideal cooling system is for vital data center and capable to maintain recommended temperature in critical weather conditions.

CISCO SFP Connector

Guaranteed high-quality network and service with Cisco SFP transceivers for optical fiber.

To interconnect multiple server nodes with a network Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) connector to up network in switches and routers. It is a hot-swappable gigabit converter, used for optical and fiber cables. It ensures improvised uptime and faster service.

“pay as you populate” feature to support a flexible connection in media and interface. It comes with a robust build to improve reliability and Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) feature. SFP Connector is compatible with IEEE 802.3 oriented Fiber optic cables.

Single mode SFP is compatible with 40 km length spans and long reach single mode SFP is suitable for 70 km length spans. The data transmission range of SFP is 10 km and communication capacity is based on Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM).

SFP is a bidirectional application connector compatible with compact modules. This feature offers real-time monitoring of connectors, like input and output power supply, temperature, and voltage/current of a transceiver.

Fiber Optic Connection

CCL offers a fiber channel over ethernet to provide a data center network to all servers and components. High bandwidth network components provide the fastest connectivity capable of supporting data speeds up to 10 to 50 Gbps.

Port mapping includes the design of the cabinet, patch panels, hardware components, power, and trunking points. The design’s purpose is to control future issues because of snags, difficult cable access, and unsafe connections in high-traffic areas.

Maintained label numbering strategy according to TIA-606-C for all patch cords and jumpers. Assigned Rack and cabinet numbers. Our internet cables are industry oriented and have faster speed with better reliability and are lightweight.

Service loops are generated when extra length is put on for any unexpected incidents. Data center operators manage and decide fiber loops for easy service. We maintain the official TIA-606-C recommendation for cable colors in a data center.

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Frequently asked questions

Get our flexible, scalable, and secured data centers India solutions to make your business future-ready. Still, have questions? Get solutions to all your question.

What payment methods are accepted? Do you accept Paypal? /
Yes, we accept many types of payment methods as follows: PAYPAL, Debit Cards, Credit Cards Visa or Mastercard, Dinners Card, UPI, and Bank transfer. Payment Gateways: PAYPAL, Razorpay, Stripe, and others.
When I order a service, what is the duration of activation & the contract? /
When you order any service and paid the invoice, we take 6 hours for bare metal server activation and other servers instantly get activated. The minimum duration of the package is one month, buying a long-term plan is beneficial to you as it comes with an extra discount.
Do you offer additional IPs? How many IPs can be allotted? /
Yes, we offer Additional IPv4 as an addon service at extra charges, after your order, our team will assign and send IPv4 details this time may be extended up to 4 working days. We can allot a max of 256 IPs to the customer but it depends on why you need IPv4s and how you are going to use these IPs.
Where is VCCLHostings Datacenter is located? /
The Datacenter of VCCLHosting is located in Kolhapur City, Maharashtra, India. Its our own datacenter with high security and latest connectivity facilities.