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High Performance & Custom Build GPU Servers

GPU dedicated server has a large-scale parallel architecture, which is composed of thousands of small and efficient cores and is designed to handle multiple tasks simutaneously. GPU services are widely used in deep learning, artificial intelligence, Android emulator, gaming, video rendering, and mining.

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Powerful Dedicated GPU Server Plans

Get a Server with powerful Nvidia RTX4000 and RTX5000 GPU's.

Nvidia RTX4000 Dual Nvidia RTX5000 SSD Nvidia RTX5000 NVMe


Rs.15921 /month
Rs.18858 /month
Rs.14989 /month
GPU Card Nvidia RTX4000 Nvidia RTX5000 Nvidia RTX5000
Number of Cards 2 1 1
GPU Memory 8 GB DDR6 x 2 16 GB DDR6 16 GB DDR6
Server CPU Intel® Xeon® 3206R Intel® Xeon® 3206R Intel® Xeon® 3206R
Server RAM 64 GB (32x2) DDR4 RAM 64 GB (32x2) DDR4 RAM 64 GB (32x2) DDR4 RAM
IPMI Access
Primary Storage M2 NVME 2x512 GB 2 TB SSD Disk M2 NVME 2x 512 GB
Secondary Storage 2 TB SSD 2 TB SSD
Port Speed 1 GBps Port 1 GBps Port 1 GBps Port
Bandwidth 10 TB 10 TB 10 TB
Delivery in 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours
Graphics Card Features
Core clock speed 1005 MHz 1620 MHz 1620 MHz
Boost Clock 1545 MHz 1815 MHz 1815 MHz
DDos protection
Configurable Options
Windows O.S. All All All
Linux O.S. All All All
Additional IPs/Subnets
Control Panels
Free extra services with each package
Money-back guarantee
Free Technical Support
Nvidia RTX4000 Dual Nvidia RTX5000 SSD Nvidia RTX5000 NVMe

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Rs.15921 /month
Rs.18858 /month
Rs.14989 /month

Select Any Operating System from 8+ Templates & Control Panel

Get this powerful VPS with up to 8 O.S. templates & Control Panel's without any additional cost. You can switch or reinstall any O.S. in a single click within a few minutes.


GPU Dedicated Server

With the growing demand for new enterprise solutions, the power of dedicated GPU servers is needed. On VCCLHosting, you will get powerful dedicated GPU servers built with high-end GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD, which are highly customizable and can be easily deployed. Following are some key features:

  • high-performing dedicated hardware options for RAM, CPUs, storage
  • Get customize your GPU server according to your business needs.
  • We ensure the high security of your company's data.
  • We provide unlimited bandwidth and 100% server uptime.
  • You will get full support for setting up your servers as well as free migration assistance.

Benefits of GPU Server

Dedicated Hardware With High Performance

The GPU server is built with dedicated high-performance hardware components tailored to your business needs. These servers have the best processors, storage, memory, operating systems, and software, and to surpasses everything. Harness the power of high-end NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards.

Best choice for 3D Renderin, AI and Virtulization

These dedicated GPU servers are more powerful than standard CPU servers. This is why specialized GPU servers are the best choice for more creative and demanding tasks such as graphic design and 3D rendering, virtualization, artificial intelligence, etc.

Custom Configurations For Demanding Workloads

If your organization faces intensive workloads that require high-performance computing (HPC), GPU servers will provide you with the most performance needed for demanding workloads like big data analytics, AI training, technical studies, scientific calculations, and deep learning.

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Feel free to ask your any questions in the chat or in the support ticket for better followups. Use following mediums to get a custom quote.

server room

Powerful GPU Dedicated Server Brings the Ultimate User Experience

It enables powerful GPU Server hosting features with no more inefficiency, noisy neighbors.


Next Generation Memory

VCCL RTX 5000 specially design for next generation memory capacity, in big data processing features. Integrated with 16GB RAM with superfast speed to compile big data sets. Useful in complex gaming stages and media assets.



To interconnect with high speed and super scaling memory, up to 32 GB memory capacity. To drive higher data transfer rate with 50 GB per second, RTX 5000 is equipped GDDR6 memory. RTX 5000 offers crystal-clear quality.


Next Generation Turing Design

RTX 5000 is encapsulated with RTCore technology specially for ray tracing. Useful for AI, Deep Learning & machine learning. You can use for parallel computing & highly scalable advance GPU features in gaming. .


Scalable Architecture

NVIDIA Quadro scalable design with NVLINK Bridge to ensure gaming professionals about applications to be easily mapped with memory. The performance of game server will enhance with multiple GPUs. .


NVIDIA 3D Technology

Develop immersive 3D design to GPU and brings high tech combination displays and software tools. LightBoost technology by NVIDIA use to maintain brightness of keyboard and monitor.


Award Winning Support

We offer fast GPU Dedicated machine and expert support 24/7. Support available through telephone, live chat, email. Our instant technical support helps you to understand and solve critical installation.

FAQ's on GPU Server Hosting

Have questions about GPU Server? If you have any queries our Support team is standing by to help via live chat, phone, or email

GPU hosting is for servers packed with graphics cards, designed to harness this raw processing power. Using an offloading process, the CPU can hand specific tasks to the GPUs, increasing performance.

The dedicated GPU acts as an accelerator for the CPU, assisting it in processes and thus speeding up processing times. Separate the memory from the rest of the computer. Improved graphics, perfect for high-end games. Improved video editing.

We listed over 8+ different templates including Windows & Linux. We offering freeware and premium control panels with the server. We can provide cPanel, AAPanel, Plesk or any control panel. For installing any other Control Panel other than listed panels, please contact our support.

VCCLHostings Datacenter is located in Kolhapur City, Maharashtra, India. It is our own datacenter with full security including DDoS Protection and Firewall security.

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VCCLHostins services are widely trusted and used by worldwide users. We believe on improving the services as per the feedbacks we get from customers.

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