Wordpress One Startup

Monthly payment plan

10GB SSD Disk Space

2 MySQL Database

Single Domain Site Hosting

Unlimited Monthly Bandwith

5 Branded E-Mail Accounts

Free SSL Certificates

Wordpress Super

Monthly payment plan

25GB SSD Disk Space

10 MySQL Database

5 Addon DomainsSite Hosting

Unlimited Monthly Bandwith

15 Branded E-Mail Accounts

Free SSL Certificates

Wordpress Business

Monthly payment plan

100GB SSD Disk Space

Unlimited Database

10 Addon DomainSite Hosting

Unlimited Monthly Bandwith

Unlimited E-Mail Accounts

With Yearly Paln*Free Domain $ SSL

Wordpress Premium

Monthly payment plan

Unlimited Disk Space

Unlimited Database

Unlimited Site Hosting

Unlimited Monthly Bandwith

Unlimited E-Mail Accounts

With yearly palnFree Domain & SSL

Common Features of Packages!

We have engineered the best WordPress hosting platform to make hosting simple. We will focus on the hosting infrastructure and you can focus on growing your site. Find out what makes us the best choice for your mission-critical WordPress sites.Our WordPress hosting is special hosting that has been optimized to better meet WordPress’ performance and security needs. It also includes Wordpress Manager one-click WordPress installs and manage free themes to make it easy to get started with WordPress.Automatically update your WordPress software as needed and many more features are included.

Managed & Automated Services.

We keep your WordPress plan ready with installation in very short time. We provide backup facility and plugin updates periodically. We give cheap wordpress hosting in India and ready for support in 24/7. Client dont need to worry for website speed, uptime and security.

Free Migration!

With VCCL Migration facility, you can easily migrate website without any downtime and cost. Our auto migration feature helps you to move your work with a single click without any data loss. You will be aware about every migration step and knows details at every step.

Fast Website !

Vcclhosting offers faster & managed wordpress hosting services .Nginx, PHP 7, image compression or our specific configurations, we have developed a platform that highlights our teams obsession with performance. If youre looking for faster wordpress web sites.

Expert Support !

Vcclhosting provides expert support through live chat & ticketing system.Our number one priority is making sure you feel like our number one priority. Our team knows WordPress, has deep experience troubleshooting poor performance, and wont quit until your problems are solved it quickly we also support for development..

Free Backup!

Vcclhosting offers free backup space for your code security just add your website and schedule backup time its all and our system will follow order .You can upgrade backup space ,Restore Backup or Downlod Backup are simple to do you will love our control panel which is powered by multi features.

Instant Activation!

Wordpress Hosting manager deploy wordpress instantly ,Select Themes or Upload your Theme all are easy using vcclhosting wordpress hosting.Our support team will help you for deploy & manage wordpress website easily, Change PHP version or PHP Editor its all possible with vcclhosting.

Unlimited Bandwidth !

Tired of getting charged for pageview counts or overage fees? We never charge for pageview counts or overage fees as well as bandwidth.We offer unlimited bandwidth with every plan no website gets suspended due to overuse of bandwidth, vcclhosting offers secure network with additional IPs on demand.

Developer Tools !

SSH, Git, and WP-CLI are a developers friend. Thats why we ensure that your developer will have access to them on any site you order.We dont just do WordPress. Got a project that needs a database server or special application? with CPanel.Yes we provide CPanel to manage your wordpress website.

Detail Information Why Choose Managed WordPress?

We have engineered the best WordPress hosting platform to make hosting simple.

No overage fees, traffic limits, or metered bandwidth.

Worry free automatic plugin updates with visual comparisons.

Image Optimization plugin included to improve page-speed!

  Wordpress One Startup Wordpress Super Wordpress Business Wordpress Premium
Disk Space 10GB SSD Disk Space 25GB SSD Disk Space 40GB SSD Disk Space 60GB SSD Disk Space
Monthly Bandwith Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Website Hosting 1 Piece 5 Piece 10 Piece 20 Piece
Database 02 Piece 10 Piece 20 Piece 40 Piece
E-Mail Accounts 05 Piece 15 Piece 20 Piece 40 Piece
Free SSL Certificate
Daily Backup
Phone Support

Frequently Asked Questions!

Find your answers at vcclhosting FAQ, We have created Frequently Asked Question & Answers to understand wordpress hosting plans and service .

— What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is a style of hosting that’s completely configured to WordPress sites. Most hosting environments, unless you opt for a dedicated or VPS server, have more general configurations. This setup won’t be optimized to your individual site.

Since WordPress is a pretty lean framework, WordPress hosting helps you to make the most out of this.

— What are the benefits of WordPress hosting?

If you’re a WordPress user, then opting for WordPress hosting can be incredibly advantageous for your website. Below we look at some of the biggest benefits.

Improved performance as every aspect of the server environment is optimized for a WordPress installation.

Better security as the server is optimized to the unique security configuration of WordPress, instead of just running basic security protocols


Most WordPress hosting environments have dedicated teams of WordPress experts managing the servers, so it will always be up to date.

With the dedicated team of WordPress experts behind you, you’ll have a team that understands the ins and outs of your site and server, so customer support will be a breeze.

— Who would benefit from using WordPress hosting?

If you currently run a mid to high traffic WordPress site and are seeing a decline in your performance, then you could definitely benefit from WordPress specific hosting.

Most high-traffic WordPress sites that switch over to WordPress hosting will see an overall improvement in their performance and loading speeds.

— What’s the difference between shared and managed WordPress hosting?

Shared WordPress hosting is basically a hosting environment that has a few WordPress-specific optimizations and offers easy WordPress installations. Most shared hosting environments offer some form of WordPress optimization since it’s such a popular CMS.

Managed WordPress hosting is the next level of WordPress hosting. This style of hosting essentially takes care of everything related to your WordPress site. It commonly includes features like site upgrades, improved WordPress performance, virus scans, backups, and more. With managed WordPress hosting everything related to your hosting environment is done for you.

— How does WordPress hosting differ from other forms of hosting?

WordPress hosting, particularly managed WordPress hosting, is completely engineered to provide the optimum hosting environment for WordPress sites. Mostly, it differs from other hosting environments by the setup and software configurations.

— Can I use WordPress hosting without a WordPress site?

Managed WordPress hosting is only available to WordPress site owners, while shared WordPress hosting is generally more variable, depending on your host. Most shared WordPress hosting environments are generally basic shared hosting with WordPress add-ons. So, you could technically be using a shared host that also hosts other WordPress sites.

Hopefully, the answers above have helped to answer the most common questions you have related to WordPress hosting.